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How to Charter a Boat

How to Charter a Boat

Chartering is a great way to enjoy a new kind of boating experience, and also try out a specific type of boat that you already have in mind and want to buy in the near future. Whether it’s a crewed charter or a bareboat one, you get to sharpen your boating skills through chartering. Here are some of the most common types of charters:

Bareboat Charters

In the bareboat sailing charter, you work with a charter company to reserve a boat that you’ll be caring for from start to finish. It’s called bareboat as you’ll be the captain responsible for provisioning, navigating, berthing, commanding and anchoring the boat yourself. You will also be in charge of creating the itinerary. To ensure that a bareboat trip goes smoothly, a level of sailing experience is required.

The types of boats that are usually used for bareboat charters are sailing catamarans, monohulls, and motor yachts. Bareboat charters are enjoyable whether you do it in popular cruising grounds or in your local waters.

Even though you’ll be responsible for a lot of things, bareboat doesn’t mean bare service. Most charter companies will help you choose a vessel for specific dates, offer partial or full provisioning, provide charts and a briefing to share highlights of local attractions, and give you a walkthrough on the boat’s equipment.

There are many different types of organizations that specialize in charters, from global companies to small- and medium-sized businesses. The latter ones are cheaper and more likely to provide better customer service, but their boats are usually older or more sparsely equipped than global providers. Doing some online research will help you find out which companies offer better fleets and services.

One of the biggest perks of bareboat chartering is you will have the freedom to make all of the decisions, such as picking your destination and determining how long you’ll stay. However, there are also challenges which you’ll face such as having to know how to sail, dock and manage a boat, as well as having enough local knowledge to deal with safety issues, language barriers, and cultural differences.


Crewed Charter

If you prefer to give the keys and the responsibilities to someone else, then you want to find a company that offers crewed charters. The number of the crew depends on the size of the vessel. For instance, smaller yachts may consist of a captain only or a captain and another crew member. Most charter companies can handle the provisioning on your behalf, but for an additional price. Moreover, the crewed charter is also an excellent choice if want to receive instruction from the captain throughout your vacation.

In most charters, the captain takes you to the most popular areas of the cruising grounds. He knows where the best attractions, hangout spots, and dining places are located. He’s also the one responsible in case anything goes wrong or needs to be fixed, which means that you can focus on enjoying your vacation during the trip. Most professional captains add to the charter fee and are tipped well for good service.

If there’s a disadvantage to a crewed charter, perhaps it’s that your captain will essentially become a part of your group at all times. This can be a problem if you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a stranger around your group.


Cabin Charter

Cabin charters are also crewed. But instead of renting an entire boat and commandeering it yourself, you pay for a cabin on a boat that is managed by a knowledgeable captain and is shared with other people.

The biggest advantage of this charter is you have a seasoned captain to provide expertise, safety, and even basic boating instruction to you. The cabin charter is a cost-effective option for those who don’t have a group of likeminded friends who want to split the cost of renting a whole boat.

The disadvantage of the cabin charter is being on a boat with complete strangers. This can go both ways – either you enjoy meeting new people with wonderful personalities or you spend an entire week of putting up with characters you don’t care for. It also means that the captain will do his best to appease the majority in which places to go and what activities to do.


Fishing Charter

Fishing charters can be a serious week of offshore action or a more relaxed afternoon of inshore angling. There are two things to consider in a fishing charter. First is the type of fishing you want to do. Do you want to go deep sea fishing for marlin, troll for tuna, or bonefish in the flats? The second thing to consider is the type of boat you want to use. Smaller private boats, which are called Six Packs, can accommodate up to six passengers, while the bigger party boats can hold up to 60 people for a day outing.

The fishing charter should include the cost of the captain, the vessel, fuel, and dockage. In some cases, you may add food and beverages for an additional cost. In overnight charters, the boat should provide bathrooms and beds. Most charter companies will allow their clients to keep their catch (assuming it’s legal), while some will even filet it the catch and keep it on cold storage. However, catching fish is usually not guaranteed. But if the captain does his best to meet your expectations, a 15-20% tip is standard.

The boats used for fishing charters vary greatly in size, equipment, and amenities. We recommend that you do some research about the company and its captains and boats before making a payment.

Yacht Charter

Although some may argue that a 50-foot catamaran can be called and considered a yacht, a true yacht charter usually involves luxurious crewed superyachts over 80 feet. In most cases, yacht charter companies offer all-inclusive packages that include food, fuel, alcohol, dockage, crew, and more. The crew includes a captain, mate, chef, and other members who can help make your trip a smooth one. Generally, expenses are paid via an advanced provisioning allowance that is added to the overall cost.

Superyachts typically spend an entire season in one region and then relocate to a new cruising ground. Costs vary depending on the size of the boat, the number of crew members, the amenities, and the location of the yacht. They may run from as low as $10,000 to upwards of $300,000 per week.

In the end, chartering is a cost-effective way to enjoy a memorable experience on the water. It’s pure fun without worries.

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